Pencil Buffers,Classic Class

Pencil buffers,classic class
1.The copper coloured carbide buffing tools have a very long lifespan
2.Their quality in measurement and roundness without vibration is outstanding and unique
3.Optimised removal of rubber
4.For buffing of rubber in nailhole type injuries

Pencil buffer K36 Max.Speed(rpm) 4500,Dia 6mm,Length 65mm
Pencil buffer K46 Max.Speed(rpm) 4500,Dia 6mm,Length 102mm
Pencil buffer K18 Max.Speed(rpm) 4500,Dia 8mm,Length 102mm
Pencil buffer K36 Max.Speed(rpm) 4500,Dia 8mm,Length 170mm

  • Pencil Buffers,Classic Class