Buffing Wheels,Classic Class

Special Tools For Tyre Repair
Cutting and Buffering Tools

Performing a quality tire repair begins with using the correct tools and accessories on both small puncture repair and larger section repair,it can make available a wide range of quality air tool and accessories to do the work perfect.

Buffing wheels,classic class
1.The copper coloured carbide buffing tools have a very long lifespan
2.Their quality in measurement and roundness without vibration is outstanding and unique
3.Optimised number and placement of cooling holes and slots
4.Optimised and efficient removal of rubber

Description and Specification:
Buffing wheels

Thread 3/8 Inch

Max.speed (rpm) 4500

50mm*7mm  18#
50mm*5mm  23#
50mm*7mm  36#
50mm*19mm 36#

  • Buffing Wheels,Classic Class
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