Heavy Duty Super Blu Vulcanizing Cement

Model No.: S-402
Blue color aids application.
Specially formulated for application where a tackier cemented surface is required.
Fast drying solvent reduces waiting time and repair failures due to wet cement.
Use with dual cure or heat cure repair units.
Blue color enables the repairman to see where cement has been applied.
Contains no carcinogenic chlorinated solvents.
Contains Heptane(CAS No. 142-82-5)and Natural Rubber Latex (CAS No. 9006-04-6).
Flash point-4 F.
Flammable or Non-flammable.
Shelf life 1 year.
  • Heavy Duty Super Blu Vulcanizing Cement
Net weight: 8 Oz 250ml
Qty/carton: 25pcs
Carton size: 41*30*14cm
Gross weight: 10.50kg
Net weight: 10.10kg