Automatic Thermostatic Tire Repair vulcanizer Tire Repair Machine

Input Voltage:110V or 220V
Input Power:500W X 2
Temperature Range:145-165 C
Max.Repair Area:140x120mm2
Timing:140 minutes
Mould:7 pcs

Gross Weight:21.5KG
Net Weight:20 KG

Qualified tire repair machine tire repair vulcanizer dvantages:
1.Durability and stability
2.Electric iron with asbestos pad
3.Manual or automatic timing function
4.Thickened steel plate,bottom with reinforced iron rod
5.Efficient,fast heat,small size,simplicity of operation,timer switch
6.Available for repairing area of truck tyre shoulder,tyre crown and tyre sidewall

General features:
1.Available for repair of tire shoulder,tire crown and tire sidewall,for all kinds of tires
2.Design of thickened screw thread
3.Easy to realize the operation of pressing and loosening
4.Simple and labor-saving, sliding and detachable force application rod, suitable for different angles of force

Alloy heater features:
1.Thick power line,stable operation,fast heating speed and high efficiency
2.The iron head is equipped with asbestos board to effectively insulate heat
3.The iron head is equipped with fuse to ensure safe operation

4.The upper and lower irons can be heated at the same time or separately

Complete accessories,simple installation,machine includes:
2.Coarse tooth screw
3.Application rod

6.Aluminum alloy mould

  • Automatic Thermostatic Tire Repair vulcanizer Tire Repair Machine
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