Tire Repair Rubber Nail

New Arrival Tire Repair Rubber Nail

Tire Repair Rubber Nail Car Tire Repair Rubber Nails Auto Motorcycle Vacuum Tire Repair Rubber Nail

Diverse sizes: we provide 2 sizes of tire repair nails for you, small one is approx. 0.21 x 0.47 inch and larg one is about 0.27 x 0.59 inch, diverse sizes can meet your different repairing demands

What you receive: this package contains 10 pieces car tire repair rubber nail, sufficient enough to mend your car or motorcycle

Resistant to temperature and wear: our self-service tire repair nails are made of quality rubber material, resistant to high temperature or wear, can sturdily fix your tires without breaking the tires

Simple methods to use: these auto motorcycle vacuum tire nails are easy to operate and install, you can simply repair your tire by yourself, save your time and energy

Good sealing effect: our car auto motorcycle tire repair nails can adhere to your tire securely, with good connection strength and sealing effect, they can avoid the water from entering to the broken part

High temperature and wear resistance: It made of high-quality rubber, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high hardness and high wear resistance. It has a long service life, it can be repaired once, no second repair is required.

Non-destructive and high-efficiency: The inner diameter is less than 5mm, does not damage the tire, and does not leak air. Simply insert the nail into the tire wound to complete simple and efficient tire repair work. Small size can make up the gap of 0.1-3mm; large size can make up the gap of 3-5mm.

Repair method of tire groove crack: screw the patch nail into 0.5mm below the tire groove plane; repair method of crown crack: screw the patch nail into the level of the tire groove; repair method of tire side crack: screw in the tire repair nail , 0.5mm lower than the side of the tire; method of oblique repair of puncture: screw in the direction of the breach to repair.

Perfect sealing effect: it fits closely with the trire, has high connection strength, good sealing performance, and prevents water from entering the wound, so the steel belt will not rust or delamination.

Wide range of applications: Professional puncture repair nails can be used for automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, buses, and agricultural tires.

Contact us for a quote: saftyseal@foxmail.com

Tire repair rubber nail
Approx. 0.21 x 0.47 inch,repair pinhole 0.1-3mm
Approx. 0.27 x 0.59 inch,repair pinhole 3-5mm

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