All Purpose Natural Rubber Cushion Gum

Product Description:

1,all purpose cushion gum as a filling material,it is used to build reinforced repairs to tires,conveyer belting and other types of fabric reinforced rubber goods
2.high tensile strength tire cord calendared with high quality skim compound to a uniform gauge
3.cushion gum 30 minutes at 280'F(138'C), 50 minutes at 260'F(127'C ),cure rate with 4 minutes for every 1mm Gauge
4.heat patch is used for heat vulcanizing repair(hot repair),the most suitable temperature is 145'C and heated by 3 minutes is used for kinds of tube repair. It can also be complementary rubber when repairing tires, and makes the repair better
6.specification: 1kg/roll,2kg/roll,5kg/roll,thickness: 0.9-2.5mm

Model No.: S-482

 Size(mm): thickness 1.5mm

Weight: 1kg/roll,2kg/roll,5kg/roll

  • All Purpose Natural Rubber Cushion Gum