Round Tube Patches

Round tube patches feature a base gum that cures chemically or with heat.
This soft,high-tack gum is les prone to problems associated with moisture,handling and cement drying time.
Used for tube repairs.
Apply with fast-dry cement.

  • Round Tube Patches
Model No.:10-000: Dia 20mm,100pcs/box,$1.40/box
Model No.:10-001: Dia 25mm,100pcs/box,$1.60/box
Model No.:11-000: Dia 32mm,100pcs/box,$2.80/box
Model No.:11-001: Dia 43mm, 40pcs/box,$1.60/box
Model No.:11-002: Dia 57mm, 30pcs/box,$1.80/box
Model No.:11-003: Dia 79mm, 15pcs/box,$1.50/box