Chemical Vulcanizing Cement 250ml

SIFUTE self-vulcanizing solution for the application of tube and universal patches as well as bias and radial patches with chemical cushion gum,valve patches,suitable for room temperature repairs or heat processes,products for chemical or heat vulcanization.

We are the top manufacturer of tire repair chemicals in China and we supply the widest array of tire repair chemicals in the automotive industry.
The flammable vulcanzing cement is our most popular,fast dry cement,for use with any seal repair patches,units or inserts.
When used on large reinforced patches,coat patch and inner with cement,Chemicals are available in bulk.

Come and buy,we provide cetificate,so as to enable shipping company delivery goods to you.

  • Chemical Vulcanizing Cement 250ml
1.Physical appearance cloudy and liquid 20C
2.Odor solvent-like
3.Odor threshold 150 ppm
4.Boiling point/range 93C
5.Melting pint/range -95C
6.Flash point 0 C
7.Explosion limits lower 1.1%
8.Explosion limits upper 6.7%
9.Ignition temperature 215C
10.Density 0.77 g/cm3
11.pH No data available
12.Vapour pressure no data available
13.Vapour density no data available
14.MSDS report
Capacity: 250ml